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Lamitech's COMPACT, is a high pressure, non porous laminate ideal for toilet parititions, thanks to its exceptional qualities of strenght and durability.

This practical alternative is offered in a wide range of references including Solid Colors, Woods, granites and designs.

Compact is ideal for toilet partitions thanks to its high strenght and durability, design, installation and clean work management.


Due to its composition and physical properties, Lamitech's Compact offers great advantages:

- Allows a better use of space thanks to its 12mm thickness.
- The panels can be set with differents types of hardware to any type of wall and construction system.
- Customized designs through digital printing.
- Completely waterproof. Supports pressure cleaning systems, liquid detergents and disinfectants.
- Does not degrade or rust.
- Low cleaning and maintenance costs.
- Inert Material: it presents no fungal growth, bacteria or other organisms harmful to health.


Toilet partitions, showers, dressing rooms, urinals.

Partitions can be mounted from wall to floor or floor to ceiling and they can be leveled during the installation process.

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