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EX2 compact is a thick and solid high pressure decorative laminate with ANTIBACTERIAL attribute (anti-fungal and anti-microbial protection) for exterior horizontal application. It is ideal for countertops thanks to its exceptional qualities of strength and durability.

Because of its extreme impact, scratch and wear resistance, EX2  compact is ideal for tables tops used in public areas such as food courts, cafes and restaurant chains.

Product Composition

EX2 compact is manufactured with high-tech polymers that give extreme durability, and chemical resistance for exterior use.

The core or laminate holder comprise thin layers of Kraft paper saturated with phenolic resin, to be then assembled and subjected to a specific pressure of 100 Kg / cm 2 and 135 ° C (275 ° F). Once pressed, its cut in nominal dimensions, inspected, coated with protective film, packaged and shipped to our customers.

Recommended Uses

EX2 compact laminate is available in 10, 12, 15 and 18 mm thicknesses with backer in our Cinder 2110. Its composition and crosslinnking product of electron beam technology, allows it to have very high scratch, chemical and wear resistance.

Its high performance against solar radiation makes it the perfect product for public and institutional furniture, work surfaces, café and restaurant tables tops, and for general use in decorative exterior horizontal application elements that are exposed to outdoor environments.


- 100% thermostable plastic, does not corrode.
- Its chemical composition and monolithic structure is not attacked by fungi, bacteria, pests, termite.
- Its inert behavior prevents mosses and lichens growth on surface
- Easy to clean and anti-graffiti composition minimizes soiling.
- UV protection prevents discoloration due to sunlight exposure.
- Protection against polymer oxidation or degradation
- Easy and safe to install
- High resistance to chemicals such as alkalis, acids and strong oxidizers
- High impact and humidity resistance, and dimensional stability
- Exceptional high scratch resistance, higher than
- Good thermal and acoustic insulation
- Grade B fire retardant classification (NFPA 101 code).

Useful Information

1. EX2 compact needs to be conditioned in a dry and ventilated place, must be stowed horizontally and stored if possible, in a room temperature below 30 °C and relative humidity less than 60%. The protective film that protects the surface from
scratches needs to be kept during transport, processing, installation, etc., and just be removed upon completion of installation.
2. It must be cut using disk saws speeds between 8-12 m / min. and from 3.000 to 5.500 rpm. We suggest diamond teeth saw  alternating with flat trapezoidal geometry. For routing use cylindrical mills of minimum 12,000 rpm.
3. To drill use a 10,000 rpm tungsten-carbide drill with biangular tip.
4. For maintenance and cleaning use water and mild nonabrasive soaps only. DO NOT use abrasive pads, avoid using strong bleaches, peroxides, among others. To remove stubborn stains as grease, dirt, aerosol ink, etc., clean the surface with organic solvent varsol  type with a soft cloth. Once the stain has been removed, clean any traces of residual solvent with mild soap and rinse with water.
5. EX2 compact  has  high resistance to scratches and high resistance to chemical attack or discoloration caused by staining substances.

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