Compact panels have become a popular material for interior and exterior architectural surfaces. This durable, waterproof material is perfect for interior wall paneling and cabinetry.

Post-consumer recycled paper is stacked, saturated with phenolic resin, and thermo-set with heat and pressure. The phenolic resin used in production has been formulated to meet or exceed all global emission standards.

Compact’s resistance to wear and water, its hygienic properties --as well as its versatility in machining an assembly-- make it the ideal material for self-supporting furniture systems and wall paneling. With its inherently clean looks and proven structural reliability, it is wonderfully suited for contemporary design.

TaktArt Compact Laminate panels feature extraordinary impact, water, and fire-resistance.



A Carbon neutral driven Company. Produced under a system that measures, controls and balances emissions. We compensate our footprint and favor the environment.

Antimicrobial. Our wide range of HPL contains antimicrobial technology to preserve the surface from degradation caused by antimicrobial growth.

Moisture resistant.

High resistance to impact.

Inert material, preventing the growth of fungi, or moss on the surface.

No substrate required.

Our laminates are available under the following standards: ASTM E84: Class B for standard Compact or Class A when specified as fire rated. EN13501-1: B-S1, d0 for compact of 10 mm and above.

Easy to clean with all kinds of non-abrasive liquid detergents, desinfectants and solvents commonly used.

Customizable with digital print. Ask our representatives for more info.

Fast installation.

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