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Limited Warranty

Lamitech warrants that its products are reasonably free of defects and when properly used will comply, with normal deviations, to related manufacturing specifications. This warranty will be extended only to the original buyers for a period of (1) year from the purchase date. It excludes damage resulting from accidents, abuse or lack of care. Improper use/and or any alteration.

Our warranty includes replacement of defective material and excludes labor and accompanying materials for your application.

Since Lamitech laminates have a wide range of applications, without the possibility of control over the manufacturing of the product, Lamitech does not assume obligations or liabilities arising from the furnishing, sale, installation or repair, use or subsequent sale of any product, to any person or entity.

The contents of this brief correspond to common knowledge of high pressure decorative laminates. Lamitech offers this information solely to provide suggestions for application. Since it is impossible to anticipate all variations in actual conditions, no warranties or liabilities can be assumed by Lamitech in connection to the use of this information. Lamitech believed the information and recommendations provided herein to be accurate and time of preparation or obtained from sources believed to be generally reliable. Lamitech can modify it without prior notice.

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