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Maintenance & cares
1. Generally, High Pressure Decorative Laminates provide a long lasting durable surface, easy to maintain. They are not recommended for laboratory type surfaces where oxidized chemicals, alkaloids and strong acids are used daily. In these applications, deterioration will be inevitable in time. Under normal circumstances, for common use in home, office and retail applications, stain resistance is an outstanding quality, but care should be taken with ink stains which may be harder to remove and can leave residue on the surface.
2. For cleaning stains or routine laminate maintenance, use water, non abrasive mild soap and nylon sponges. For tougher stains, use Clorox-type bleaches diluted in water. Avoid the use of strong bleaches, organic detergents and abrasive sponges that can decolor and scratch the laminate. For grease stains or attached dirt, clean with a 50-50 mix of solvent and alcohol on a soft cloth. This way, laminate will be free of stains without affecting original tone and design.
3. Lamitech High Pressure Decorative Laminates are sold in two finishes: textured and glossy. For heavy use surfacing solutions such as counter tops, desks, kitchen tables, etc. a textures finish is strongly recommended. If any cutting activities are to be done on these type of surfaces, these should be done on a ceramic tile or any other kind of protective element to avoid deterioration. Also when placing hot objects (above 130° C) such as frying pans with hot oil and irons among others, also use a protective surface.
4. When choosing an adhesive, there are various alternatives. The most common is neoprene solvent-based contact cement. This type of adhesive is recommended when exerted pressure is low. For industrial applications, a PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate) adhesive is recommended since there is no heat reactivation and they present a high resistance to humidity. To achieve high adherence, apply 90-130 g/m² of adhesive with 7-9 k/cm² pressure. If adhesive residue appears after application, remove by cleaning with a soft cloth and an organic solvent or a 50-50 mix of alcohol and organic solvent.
5. All laminates are manufactured for indoor applications and should not be exposed to sunlight or temperatures above 270°F (130°C).

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