Online Visualizer

We have included several options of default spaces in application categories such as Residential, Hotel, Restaurant, Corporate, Entertainment, Educational, Hospital, Retail, Public Infrastructure among others, so that you can visualize your project quickly in multiple ways, through a diverse experiment of our materials.

At the end, you can save the image worked and print the specification sheet of the materials you chose that best fit your needs, to obtain an excellent performance.

Furniture, floors, ceilings, wall coverings, all our products applied in a space, with a simple click !!

This is how it works:

  1. Choose your SPACE

  2. Choose the area where you want to see our product

  3. Choose the Product you want to apply in the image

  4. Choose the Reference of the product

  5. Ready! You see the product applied


You can repeat as many times as necessary until you are completely satisfied with what you see!

You  can SAVE the project and get a code with which you can access again privately whenever you need to make changes or simply get back to the image.

You can print and send the specification sheet with detail of the materials you chose

Our visualizer will allow you to use up to two variants to campare two different materials applied in the same space and make your decision easier. 

If you want to work on your real project, our ILAMINAR STUDIO will allow you to load the image of your project and with basic and simple editing tools, visualize our materials in real space.

If you have questions or need additional help, you can contact us by entering our contact form to write your concerns. 

Ilaminar Studio is your partner in creating memorable projects! Come one and try it yourself!

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